Solar Stream Cooking

System specifications of Solar Concentrator

Overall System Specifications
The elliptical parabolic solar concentrator that always faces the sun with fixed focal point having thermal output capacity of about 15-70 KW a day, dry absorber temperature of about 300 to 800oC, fluid outlet temperature of 100oC, to 300oC with steam, pressurized water or thermic fluid or oil as thermal medium to be integrated with user end thermal circuit.

Concentrating Solar Collector system:
The solar concentrating system is designed for 20-25 years of life under standard operating conditions and regular maintenance as per the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Component details
Reflector material: Float glass Mirrors from reputed supplier with silver backing is used as reflective surface. Mirrorized backing is carefully sealed and protected from moisture and atmosphere for long life.

Collector area: The solar concentrator are made in different size of 2.7/8//16 m2

Focal distance: 2000 to 3800 mm approx..dependent upon location and type of concentrator.

Solar dish: The supporting dish structure is elliptical made of MS channels weighing about 250 to 400 kgs painted in oil paint with upper surface flat.

Diurnal Tracking mechanism: East to West tracking mechanism driven by DC motor is used for Diurnal tracking. DC motor is powered by solar panel/battery and electronic tracking control.

Seasonal Tracking: North to South tracking mechanism is done manually every 3-4 days.

Focal Point / absorber: The receiver is 200 to 400 mm. The different receiver for water & steam according to operating pressure needs to be designed. The receiver is project specific. These are hydraulically tested as per norms.

Integration system
The integration system suitable for heat delivery as per the process requirements can be designed, installed and commissioned for delivery of hot water, pressurized hot water,.steam, hot oil, pressurized hot oil or hot air as per the process requirements. The solar system can be integrated with the existing system in use. In case of steam generation system and material is selected as per technical norms and IBR guidelines.

The necessary pipelines and thermal receiver are insulated with rock wool LBR as per technical requirements.

Operation , monitoring and maintenance

Operation: Manual for operation details will be provided. Operation of the dish mainly includes starting and stopping the dish and parking the dish in the night condition, if necessary.

Performance monitoring: Digital data loggers can be provided, if required, by user.

Periodical maintenance: The periodical maintenance of the unit includes wiping the reflectors once a week or month depending on the site conditions. Cleaning and oiling of tracking mechanism, painting of structure.

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